President SBY of Indonesia with WWF DG Jim LeapeMajor Green Economy Report released at the Rio+20 Earth Summit on
June 20, 2012

WWF International Director General, Jim Leape, presents the Heart of Borneo: Investing in Nature for a Green Economy report to President Yudhoyono of Indonesia, a keen supporter of a green economy approach. The findings and recommendations of the report were featured in several successful events during the Rio+20 Summit.

photo: WWF International / Chris Chaplin

Cover report

The Heart of Borneo: Investing in Nature for a Green Economy report:

  • showcases several important values of HoB’s ecosystems and biodiversity 
  • highlights environmental costs and forgone revenues in the current economy
  • shows that valuing natural capital supports the building of local economies
  • presents policy options and economic instruments, as well as on-the-ground and cross-cutting interventions, targets and indicators.

Key Messages

  • For policy makers

    To make further progress in their transition to a green economy, the governments of Brunei, Indonesia and Malaysia will need to devise fiscal policies and investment programmes favouring sustainable businesses that restore, sustain and enhance ecosystem services.

  • For businesses

    Businesses operating within the HoB can support the transition to the green economy by reducing their environmental impact, becoming transparent and sharing information among others.

  • For the global community

    The global community can play an important role by strengthening forest-related governance, creating mechanisms for forest management and raising financial resources.

  • For civil society

    Civil society is well positioned to support governments and business at local levels better understand the contribution of natural capital to economy and society and the nature economy-disconnect.