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Main Report

The Heart of Borneo: Investing in Nature for a Green Economy report has been developed through extensive stakeholder dialogues as well as economic and environmental modeling.

The report is designed to support government-driven efforts under the Heart of Borneo (HoB) Initiative to mainstream nature into economic decision-making as a key element in establishing a green economy. It also aims to support policy discussions regarding investments, (fiscal) policies and subsidy allocation and on-the-ground cross-sectoral implementation.

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 Full report [14.5 Mb]
 Cover to Executive Summary [1.42 Mb]
 Part I - Introduction and Study Overview [1 Mb]
 Part II - The HoB’s Ecosystems and Biodiversity and the Current Economy [2.1 Mb]
 Part III - Envisioning and Modeling the Green Economy [4.2 Mb]
 Part IV - Delivering the Green Economy: the Leading Role of Governments [5.4 Mb]
 Part V - Working Together to Build a Green Economy [2 Mb]
 Annexes [540 Kb]

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Synthesis Report

The Synthesis Report summarises the Heart of Borneo: Investing in Nature for a Green Economy report and presents an overview of the key findings.

 Download Synthesis Report [7 Mb]

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InVEST 4-page supplement

 Building a Green Economy in Borneo: Assessing Outcomes for Ecosystem Services under Different Business and Policy Decisions [330 Kb]