Heart of Borneo Partnership Forum

A green economy cannot be delivered by a single actor or government institution. It requires partnerships across sectors and among different groups of actors: multi-agency government partnerships can contribute to the enabling regulatory environment, the private sector can contribute to greening their respective lines of business, civil society can contribute by greening consumer demand, etc.

The three governments, both collectively and in some cases individually, have begun a dialogue with key development partners, including multilateral agencies such as ADB, UNDP, UNEP and UN-REDD, as well as with bilateral agencies from Australia, the EU, Finland, Germany, Japan, Norway, Singapore, South Korea, Sweden, the UK, the US and others regarding the future of the HoB.

There is an increasing level of awareness of the HoB Initiative at local and national levels and within the global community. Given the growing interest in green economy opportunities and piloting of green growth in the HoB, the time has come to formalize an HoB Partnership Forum, consisting of governments, business and civil society.

The forum can facilitate coordinated stakeholder engagement and can be used for information and knowledge sharing, matchmaking, discussion and brainstorming. It can be a forum both for on-the-ground solutions and for strategy development. Developing strategies for a green economy and for planning a process of transition will require specific expertise, in which knowledge institutes (think tanks, research institutes, universities, etc.) can play a decisive role.